Magnetic Tools

Magnetic knife bar is a very common tool which everyone uses to place in their house which allows them to make knifes fallen into the right place. Most of the people are looking for these magnetic bars and buying it also. But they are confused in deciding where to place these bars. If you are also confused in deciding where to place the magnetic bar, then don't worry till we are here. In the details declared below, we will talk about some places where the person can place the knife bar.


There are many places where the person can install the knife bar, few of those places are:-

Above the sink

Placing the knife bar above the sink is safe and not accessible for the children to reach this. For mother and the elders, it is easy to grab the knife instantly after washing and drying.

Behind the stove

The wall behind the stove is the one wall which never comes in use. Placing the knife bar at that place makes the wall also come in use. So look for that place if comfortable to come in use.

Side of the stove

If one wants to keep knifes away from the food items, then one can install the knife bar side the stove.

 On the wall to make larger grouping

In the kitchen, for sure there is a larger wall present. One can place the knife bar on that wall also to make the larger grouping and make it look better.

On the window frame

If there is no wall space in the kitchen, then one can place the magnetic knife bars at the window frame also as it will also look great.

If anyone is confused, then choose any one of the space from the above mentioned one to install the magnetic knife bar to make the kitchen look more attractive.